FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based? / Do you travel?

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I travel to wherever you need me. I do of course charge for travel and accommodation.  I can sometimes stay with friends and family in London for short periods when the need arises but other than that, you should really expect to pay to move me around and put me up! 

Are you incorporated or VAT registered?

Yes, I am both incorporated and VAT registered

Do you have a list of specific skillsets?

  • Producer / Senior Producer Since 1995

  • Director / Showcaller Since 1999

  • Production Manager Since 1991 - I don't draw in CAD though!

  • Voiceover artist Since 2002

  • Photographer since 2014

Software Skills

  • All things MS - Totally proficient

  • All things PC - Totally proficient

  • All things Mac - Totally proficient

  • Adobe InDesign - Very good

  • Adobe Illustrator - Quite handy

  • Adobe Photoshop - Pretty good - I did all the artwork on this site

  • Final Cut Pro - Quite handy

  • Soundtrack Pro - Quite handy

Do you charge in advance?

Sometimes I bill a percentage in advance. Call me.

Are you insured etc?

I am fully insured for both corporate and public liability. 

Do you run your own production company?

Yes, I trade as Night Train Productions Ltd. and the full company details including my terms and conditions of business are available right here! Just click on the Terms & Conditions etc links to your left. My lawyer and I wrote them together... it took me ages and they make good reading.

What sort of conflict of interest do we need to be aware of regarding our own clients and your production company?

There is no conflict of interest. I work as a freelancer representing your company. The fact that I maintain a small stable of my own clients has no bearing on my freelance status. I am a show professional with a correct working practice.

What is your official address, your company registration and VAT information?

We are registered in Scotland - Company no. SC177368
VAT registration - 663 7882 88
Registered Address - 11–15 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DF

Do you have official Terms & Conditions and a Privacy Policy?

Of course - look to your left (unless you're on a phone/mobile device!) , there's a link. There's one here too! I have separate Ts &Cs for my photography site - go see!

Anything else?

I am a keen photographer with specific event and portrait skills - I took most of the photographs on my main CV and also here on my website. NB There are some shots I didn't take, and I'm still working to fully credit other folk when I eventually get round to it. 

I have a full, clean driving licence, both British and Australian passports.