Opening Ceremony Auditions - Glasgow 2014

Opening Ceremony Auditions - Glasgow 2014

A quick summary of the range of services we provide

Night Train Productions Ltd. lends it’s management skills to a large array of different services. We are a full event production company staging live event shows in the conference, exhibition, corporate entertainment, product launch and show business industries. We work with public and televised events, fashion shows, opening and closing ceremonies, private functions and special projects including training programmes, PR and publicity stunts, incentive breaks and AGMs etc.

We are also a video production company specialising in bespoke solutions for DVD production, film, web and presentation videos using live action, animation and other motion graphics solutions.

We are a permanent installation company working with sculpture, interactive kiosk systems, furniture, signage and other building projects.

We are experienced in desktop publishing, sign writing, image manipulation, technical drawing and website development.

Since we work with fountains, dancers, hotels, helicopters, chefs, portaloos, cameras, mains generators, the police, MPs, lawyers, comedians, marzipan, candles, flowers and horses we do need a very comprehensive list of terms and conditions as well as close logistical and contractual management across all disciplines. Below is a bullet list covering the areas we operate in. It is not an exhaustive list and our Terms and Conditions of business are reviewed and appended regularly to cover every element of our working practices.

  • Venue search, venue management

  • Accommodation booking and management

  • Delegate fees, financial systems and banking

  • Security

  • Licensing

  • Sponsorship management

  • Budgeting

  • Site plans

  • Traffic management

  • Confidentiality management

  • Legal support

  • Health and safety - risk assessments

  • Crewing

  • Event insurance

  • Print and branding design, creation, distribution etc

  • Delegate, guests, sponsors and participant mail outs

  • Event telephone support lines

  • Logistical planning, scheduling and event timetables

  • All travel agent bookings, logistics and management

  • Trucking and storage

  • Sound, lighting, video and data systems - design, installation and operation

  • Heavy duty staging and structures - design and installation

  • Set design, fabrication, room design, outdoor, theatrical and exhibition structures

  • Creative stage management - show direction

  • Script writing and presentation skills

  • Catering

  • VIP hospitality

  • Entertainment agency, talent booking and artist liaison

  • Theming

  • PowerPoint slides and graphics

  • Video production, animation

  • Promotional gifts, branded products and marketing / PR stunts

  • Databasing, researching and event analysis

  • Press conferences, press releases

  • Video conferencing and webcasts

  • Web site creation and management

Official Information People Need Sometimes

We are registered in Scotland - Company no. SC177368
VAT registration - 663 7882 88
Registered Address - 11-15 Thistle Street, Edinburgh EH2 1DF UK

Terms & Conditions of trading here

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