Happy New Year.... nearly!

Remember The Hoog!? - We designed, produced and owned this show for three years running here in Edinburgh. It was the largest public indoor Hogmanay party in Scotland with three stages, six bars and tons of entertainment and dancing all night .... Yay!

Music Makers at Whitespace

Some of the combined musicians and engineers that showed up at Whitespace the other night

All work and no play etc etc..... so, those of us that still had some life and creativity left inside of us actually got together the other day to create a musical "album in a night" recording session at Whitespace's offices in town. Talent? For sure... the raw variety. Wanna hear the results? - Well you have to wait. Phil says, each time he does this, it takes him about a year in post production. Slightly different deadlines than our usual client requirements!


Spike Allibone

I know, I know, the years have treated me well!

It rained every day during the build at Buckingham Palace but it cleared up for the concert which was great news.

All I can say is that we had a first rate crew to make this happen, and, when you're at an internationally huge rock concert built on a central London roundabout going out to a live audience of millions, it certainly helps if a few people on site actually know what they're doing.

A lovely show! Looking forward to the Platinum Jubilee already.

On Top of the World

Had to do this selfie - just coz I was standing.... well you can see where I am.

Yes, I wore a Mr. Men badge when I went to the Palace.

We had considered putting The Queen's National Beacon on the roof of the palace during early discussions - but it just wasn't going to cut it.

We left Madness to do the roof stuff - and everything regarding the National Beacon came back down to earth in the end. Good decision.

Just how do you put an F1 car on a shop roof?

An F1 Lotus Renault served up on a shop roof in Edinburgh 2011

Here's how! - I never did get to find out why we did it. But it was cheap, quick and dirty!

What made me smile was that I was told I would never get permission for the stunt and I would also never be allowed to close off a main Edinburgh road during rush hour during Festival time.

My friends, I can do ANYTHING I want. Just so you know.

Orientation for all Medics

Crew and medical training for the G20 in Excel, London, April 2009

Field hospitals need proper on site training - Here we see familiarisation with equipment and procedures as directed by our medical doctors for the G20 (Obama's first ever presidential trip to the UK) in Excel in London.

Because we designed and built the whole hospital, we ensured that, as well as nurses and all normal medical support staff, our production staff and engineers underwent the same training.

Direct and Shoot!

Christina - that girl really can sing!

Yes, it's true that when I'm directing a big show, I have no time to check my mails and alter my FB status.... but I can sometimes take a good picture!

Here, with my old Canon G11, I managed to capture this great shot at the Albert Hall.

I feel that Christina owes me actually. During rehearsals, one of her special flightcases ripped my Versace jeans!

Spike and Mark

Spike & Mark Sinton take a breather

Spike and Mark Sinton take the time to pose in front of Razorlight's drum kit. At least I think it was Razorlight

VIP Children Liaison Team

Here's our team of lovely ladies that looked after the 70 children from around the world that were hand picked to attend the Harry Potter book launch.

Not only did the kids need to attend a multitude of events around Edinburgh over the three days, they also needed to make the time in one day to read as much of the actual book as they could so that they could interview JK at the end of an action packed weekend.

Paula, Gill, Anya, Jo, Sarah, Vicky, Sarah, Amy, Elaine & Siobhan

I Love Risk Assessments!

Oh how we laughed when this turned up on site without us being consulted beforehand! I think we must've had an over-eager entertainment agency or something...

Of course, a fire breathing horse!

Of course, a fire breathing horse!

Yes, this is a life size, fire breathing remote control robot horse! Very useful for a lot of the events we have managed over the years. This arrived for the Harry Potter Book Launch we did at Edinburgh Castle in 2005. Lovely big show, live on air to countries around the world, with celebrities, animals, children, explosives, government officials, Hollywood directors - all that...... and then this horse, which, showed up without a risk assessment.

We thought it might be worth a shot at first so our safety manager, Julian Bentley at MRL got it to breathe a few flames for a quick on-site viability test. "Put it back in it's stable please..... right now!"

Extreme Window Blacking!

Here you see Pete, Anya and myself finding a way to keep the sun out of our cocktail party lighting a few floors below.

Pete, Spike & Anya on top of the world

The purpose of the event was, amongst other things, to promote the new building in Gresham Street in London on behalf of our client who built and owned the place.

I should say though, since the huge glass atrium was one of the main selling points of the office, blacking it out was a slightly odd thing to do

Let's be honest though.... lighting effects are far more important than just boring glass and sunlight!

Below are some more shots of the rig and the end result