Car Launch with a Twist

I'll admit, at first I was sceptical.... in fact, after a few rehearsals in London, I became even more sceptical... a 270 degree barrel roll is quite a different stunt to perform since there are just too many factors that are simply uncontrollable.

True to say that I'm not an experienced stunt professional myself, but after we swept away the remains of the first few cars during our initial indoor trials, it was obvious that this was not going to be a straightforward gig.

Nonetheless Terry Grant, the famous stunt driver was utterly determined. This was HIS show... it was going to be a world record for JLR as part of a one off car launch for the Jaguar E-Pace. Terry is NOT one to disappoint!

There was to be no other option but to complete the roll with slick perfection.

Aside from Terry and his team, the Creative Producer, Jane Brighton at Imagination was equally focused and, you could even perhaps say, relaxed. She just knew that it would come off good in the end.

Of course, on the last run, and in front of a tense crowd (including the people from Guinness Book of Records) Terry did a perfect 270 twist and, for me, with all the power of a first class car launch, it was simply a great honour to be on this team - and I proudly share the end result here.