Edit #4 Final... even more final!

Here is the vid with the soundtrack as chosen by you guys! - see what you think!

Music Alternative Option - Afterglow

Have a listen to the above edit with the "Afterglow" music .... not sure it's worth the effort.... but thoughts are welcome!

Edit #3 - Final

Above is the final low resolution edit. I will prepare the 4k versions for broadcast in preparation for Thursday's event. 


Edit #2 - as of 12:15 15/6/15

Above is edit #2 - we have yet to move the Meadowhead & Stevenston locator (from the Borders to Ayrshire) - but that should be it now.... I'm just checking a few things my end... do mail me if you spot anything else - final render happens today folks!

Edit #1

So watch this version above.... and have a think about the music choice... the length of the video, and do check obvious things like name spelling, project data and any off-brand / non-compliance. Enjoy! - Updates to this happen next week.


Rough assembly of Aerial footage

Notes included in the sequence for discussion. Have a good listen at both music tracks included here - Song #1 is 130bpm and is a stock track. We have no rights issues with this. It's good because it is uplifting, it works with both the aerial shots and it will punch in well with graphics / vox pops and still carry the "we did it" SR10 message. The Noel's Riverman track might not carry these themes as well - but I put it in so that we can discuss our feelings.

Feel fee to play this full screen and at Vimeo's HD setting - but the footage is already dumbed down to 720p to cope with online filesize etc - so obviously don't judge the quality here!

Length here (with both songs together) is 04:43.