Glasgow 2014 Opening and Closing Ceremonies

For those involved in the ceremonies, I have prepared a small group of galleries for viewing. Feel free to click the relevant link below - all links open in a new window :

Kingdom of the Scots
Opening Ceremony - Marshals

People Make Glasgow
Closing Ceremony

Glasgow 2014 - PreProduction

In celebration of a year passing since our two beautiful ceremonies in Glasgow, I thought I'd post my fave shots from all the pre-production. We had a large and fabulous team that pulled these two great shows off... and for what amounted to six hours of televised notoriety, there were months of planning.... much of it was photogenic. 

I take the credit for nearly all these shots (though I think Jack Morton kinda owns them now) and Graham Carlow came in at the end to shoot some of the backstage shots and the actual ceremonies themselves (since I was a little busy being a producer!). Enjoy!

Below is a gallery that links through to Jack Morton's Flickr Photostream from the Games. I took most of the pictures in these galleries. Other shots, identified with GC as a prefix - were taken by Graham Carlow. All rights to these images are now held with Jack Morton directly. Any enquiries, please contact me in the first instance.