Surveying the roof of Hampden Stadium for the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony - July 2014

So.. What is Night Train exactly?

Night Train is Spike Allibone... and sometimes Anya Allibone (when you need a creative producer / show designer).

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland and traveling everywhere, I am a freelance specialist in live event production. I'm a senior producer, show caller, consultant and production manager for events which include corporate, television, rock n'roll, ceremonies, shows and special event projects.

Most of the time I work contracted to other larger production companies though Anya and I have a small collection of direct clients too.


We are lucky in that our track record has what some people call a "wow factor" - so we look attractive and qualified!

I do try to remind people that we still do a lot of smaller and straighter contracts too. We're no stranger to banking conferences and corporate videos. And because we're nice and a bit creative, and because we have very low overheads, you might find this a useful benefit to your next event.


I've got a great CV page you can click on here - but, in brief;

In the summer of 2014, after over a year's full time work with Jack Morton Worldwide, I was one of two senior producers responsible for both the opening and closing ceremonies for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. Anya did artist liaison.

I was the event manager, producer and director for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Beacons project in 2012 working for DCMS and Buckingham Palace.

Working for the FCO, Anya and I built a hospital for the London G20 event in 2009. Yes I did just say a hospital.

I showcalled Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice UK tours for five years. (Showcalling is 'show direction' by the way).

We also did some cocktail parties, the odd exhibition, a video or two, had fun with drones, show called the British Fashion Awards (for 5 years in a row), flown a Formula one car on a shop roof, designed a VIP bar for the Edinburgh International Festival, a grand hotel opening in Dubai, consultancy for Georgia Youth Olympics, some work with the MOD - classified of course.... oh and I did some stuff to launch Microsoft Windows 8 somewhere which involved me pulling vinyl from windows in Dixon's stores to name a few! 


Anya's a great creative producer, I'm also a voiceover artist and a photographer too - you never know when we will come in handy!

Spike Allibone
January 2016


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 Anya fixes a Cycladic Head before a cocktail party in 2011

Anya fixes a Cycladic Head before a cocktail party in 2011